3 Reasons Not to Let Your Teenagers Watch CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA

3 Reasons Not to Let Your Teenagers Watch CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

This past Friday, Netflix released its latest series CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, which totals ten complete hour-long episodes in its premiere season. In the recent past, Moviguide® warned readers about some specific details to be wary of as the series made its way to release. Having viewed the first three episodes, Movieguide® can confirm that the series is very dark and is not suitable for teenagers.

  1. Demonic witchcraft depicted

In CHILLING ADVENTURES, audiences meet Sabrina on the cusp of her sixteenth birthday. However, instead of a sweet sixteen, Sabrina has a different celebration in store. On Halloween night (also her birthday and a blood-moon eclipse), Sabrina and her family along with members of the devil’s coven, gather in the deep forest for what the show refers to as her “dark baptism.” In addition, characters belonging to the devil’s coven are committed to praising Satan as savior and enacting his wishes on the world at large. For instance, it’s not uncommon to hear lines like. “praise Satan,” or “his unholiness.” With pagan and witchcraft practices growing in the U.S., this is a reality we can’t ignore, or make light of.

  1. CHILLING ADVENTURES is targeting teenagers

CHILLING ADVENTURES falls under the Young Adult category on Netflix, with Sabrina herself being a teenager. Teenagers are already impressionable enough, with the average teenager spending nine hours a day consuming media.

From 1996 to 2003, Melissa Joan Hart starred as Sabrina in the series SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH. Movieguide® wasn’t a fan of the show for the obvious reasons of witchcraft, but at least the series was a comedy. This new rendition is a full-blown horror series, which takes the story many levels darker. “The idea was to do a dark horror version of Sabrina, something that was more of a slow-burn horror, like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby and all those great satanic horror movies from the 1960’s and 1970’s,” said the series’ creator, Aguirre-Sacasa. The Netflix Original is “loosely based” on his 2014 comic with the same title, which, in turn, was based on the Archie’s brand comic books from the early 1970’s.

All this said, the content that’s considered “acceptable” for teenagers has grown increasingly dark, and it’s worrying that shows like CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SARBINA are so explicit in its details and depictions of witchcraft.

  1. Politically correct moments

CHILLING ADVENTURES includes positive portrayals homosexuality and a transgenderism. There’s even a witch orgy, though this isn’t explicitly shown. It’s no secret that Netflix has been pushing their social values (or lack thereof) on younger viewers through series like 13 REASONS WHY, BIG MOUTH, INSATIABLE, and many others, and CHILLING ADVENTURES is no different. If you as a parent want to pass on different values to your children, it’s crucial you know what’s being sold to teenagers, and what’s being discussed among classmates at school, or even friends at church. The evidence is overwhelming. With shows like CHILLING ADVENTURES targeting our teenagers, please start a family a healthy dialogue about media discernment.  

For tools on how to start a conversation, here is a link to some of Dr. Baehr’s books on cultivation media-wise families. Additionally, click here and here for other articles on similar subjects.

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