This Actress Isn’t Letting Her Own Children Watch This Blockbuster.. Should You?


This Actress Isn’t Letting Her Own Children Watch This Blockbuster.. Should You?

Lyndee Fletcher, Contributing Writer


Bryce Dallas Howard isn’t letting her children watch JURASSIC WORLD yet and maybe you shouldn’t either. Howard, the female lead in JURASSIC WORLD is not letting her little ones view the movie in which she is starring. JURASSIC WORLD is being released this Friday, June 12, and contains strong violence and some language.

Its going to be a while until my daughter sees the film. In terms of my son, my husband needs to see the film, and well talk about it and then determine when the right time is for him to see the film because he is eight years old.

Howard went on to say that she witnessed a lot children in the theatre that are her son’s age and younger who absolutely love the movie. She also said that she saw a lot of adults say they couldn’t pay attention to the movie because they had their heads buried in their own laps because it was so terrifying. So ultimately, she believes it is a personal thing.

Extreme caution should be taken with children, especially younger children due to violence and and scary CGI imaging present throughout the movie that could be too much for a younger audience. Along with violence, language and a relatively godless worldview throughout. JURASSIC WORLD depicts a land that does not exist, and like Bryce Dallas Howard, you may want to keep your little ones off the island.  To read the full Movieguide® review you can go here.


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