Disney+ Highlights LGBT Narratives in Push for Immoral Content

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Disney+ Highlights LGBT Narratives in Push for Immoral Content

By Movieguide® Staff

When Bob Chapek launched Disney+ in November 2019, he promised families that the content on the streaming service would remain appropriate for the children at home. Some of the television shows developed by Disney-owned companies then moved to Hulu with the idea of keeping Disney+ safe for families with smaller children.

LOVE, VICTOR, a series spin-off of the LGBT romance movie, LOVE SIMON, was initially determined to debut on Hulu.

At the time, a source told Variety, “Disney felt many issues explored on the show, including alcohol use and sexual exploration, would not fit in with the family-friendly content on Disney Plus.” 

In June, as part of a celebration of LGBT Pride month, Disney debuted Season 3 of LOVE, VICTOR simultaneously on Disney+ and Hulu. Even accounts that have parental controls set to remove mature content still see the show advertised. 

It’s all part of Disney’s heavy push for strong LGBT narratives in their content. TREVOR THE MUSICAL premieres June 24 about the boy who inspired The Trevor Project. Then, on June 30, the streaming service will premiere SAY IT WITH PRIDE: DISNEY+ CELEBRATES PRIDE 365. 

It’s frustrating to see a streaming service that previously offered one of the cleaner platforms cater to a minority, especially while Disney reaps the consequences of LIGHTYEAR’s lackluster theatrical performance. The immoral themes in the animated movie significantly hurt profits, with even secular sources like The Hollywood Report noting:

Analyst Shawn Robbins of Boxoffice Pro says there are larger issues at play beyond politics, but adds the latter can’t be entirely ignored. “We should additionally consider unfortunate pushback over the film’s same-gender relationship from ultra-conversative families, who have also been educated for two years to expect Pixar movies on streaming sooner rather than later,” says Robbins, referencing Disney’s decision to send multiple Pixar titles to Disney+ since the pandemic“The combination of those two sentiments seem to have instilled a ‘We’ll watch it before letting our kids see it’ mentality in some communities, particularly those with strict religious views, in contrast to the filmmakers’ intentions of championing equality and representation for everyone.”

Disney is hemorrhaging money to promote antibiblical ideals. Year over year, Disney stock is down 40% and is predicted to drop even further.

Time and again, families will flock to the box office to see movies the promote positive and inspirational ideals such as redemption, forgiveness, teamwork, kindness, and self-sacrifice. Disney is now forsaking these ideals and losing the family dollar. LIGHTYEAR is proof of this.

Meanwhile, parents must continue to be ever-vigilant to teach their children media discernment in a media market saturated with false worldviews and antibiblical sentiments. Asking children key media wisdom questions while they watch movies and television shows will help children better process what they are watching and prevent immoral content from taking root in their lives.