Disney’s STRANGE WORLD Falls 60% In Second Weekend

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Disney’s STRANGE WORLD Falls 60% In Second Weekend

By Movieguide® Staff

Audiences continue to avoid Walt Disney Animation Studios’ STRANGE WORLD after a 60% collapse in its second weekend.

The new Disney adventure appeared in 4,174 screens across North America, but only collected around $5M.

However, STRANGE WORLD did break one record for Disney: a historically low Cinemascore of ‘B’.

Currently, STRANGE WORLD stands at $25.5M gross earnings, the lowest number for a Disney movie since 2011’s WINNIE THE POOH. However, WINNIE THE POOH had an estimated budget of around $20M while STRANGE WORLD is expected to lose $100M.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Disney’s STRANGE WORLD is expected to lose $100M in its theatrical run after failing to attract families during the 5-day Thanksgiving weekend.

The animated, fantasy adventure opened to an abysmal $18.6M over the five-day weekend, despite debuting in 4,174 theaters across the US. It also received the lowest Cinema Score for a Disney movie in the past three decades of movies.

While many in the entertainment industry were surprised by the Disney box office bomb, Movieguide®’s review outlined why STRANGE WORLD’s collapse was inevitable.

STRANGE WORLD is a new animated movie from Walt Disney Animation about a legendary explorer family, the Clades. Jaeger, the father, is obsessed with his legacy and wants him and his son, Searcher, to be the first explorers to reach the other side of the mountains that surround their homeland, Avalonia. However, due to his father’s obsession, they part ways. Searcher decides to return home with a new plant that he discovered in the mountains called pando. The plant is a breakthrough of technology and a statue is erected next to his father in honor of his discovery. However, when the pando crops begin to die, Searcher and his family are flung into a mission to save their home. As they travel through a strange new world beneath Avalonia, they discover the truth of their family legacy.

STRANGE WORLD has beautiful animation and a world that is clearly inspired by Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth.’ However, these similarities do a disservice to the movie, as the only thing truly surprising about the movie is its boring script and contrived characters that serve an agenda rather than a heartfelt and compelling story.

Movieguide® previously reported on the change of CEO at Disney, from Bob Chapek to previous exec Bob Iger:

As The Walt Disney Co. looks to course correct with Bob Iger at the helm—after Bob Chapek’s exit—they would do well to listen to their largest audience, families.

Iger is no stranger to the Disney CEO position, as he held the title previously from 2005 to 2020 before Chapek took the reins.

Whether a direct result of Chapek’s leadership or just unfortunate timing, Disney’s push into progressive themes in their movies and Disney+ series became a clear indicator of the company’s disregard for their audience.

While Disney’s legacy is built on family-friendly staples like FINDING NEMO and TOY STORY, Disney’s recent outings at the box office have ostracized families across the country and, as a result, fallen short of monetary expectations.

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