Kel Mitchell Joins World Vision’s Global 6K for Clean Water: ‘I’m All About Spreading God’s Love’

Photo by Todd Rosenberg

Kel Mitchell Joins World Vision’s Global 6K for Clean Water: ‘I’m All About Spreading God’s Love’

By Cooper Dowd, Senior Writer

Actor, pastor and comedian Kel Mitchell is teaming up with World Vision to help children and families access clean water through the organization’s Global 6K.

“It’s very important to me–faith–and also helping other families,” Mitchell told Movieguide®. “And World Vision is all about that. And I love what they do, helping children all around the world. And so I feel like it’s a great team up, you know what I mean?”

The Global 6K for water will allow participants to run or walk to raise money and provide clean water to communities in need.

“Walk or run the distance by yourself or with your family, and be part of this global movement to change lives. Whether you join from the treadmill or your favorite trail, the neighborhood or the track… when you and thousands of others around the world walk, jog, or stroller-run your way to 6K on May 22, 2021, you’ll bring life-changing clean water to those who need it most,” World Vision’s website reads.

The GOOD BURGER star added that access to clean water is even more critical as the world still faces COVID-19.

“The truth is, is that a lot of people are not getting clean water, and especially with COVID-19 going on, they want us to wash our hands and to drink healthy water,” Mitchell said. “A lot of water is contaminated, so what World Vision is doing is actually building these wells, building these rigs, that they can have these cleaning stations so they can have clean water.”

Mitchell said that, on average, children must walk 6 kilometers, or 3.7 miles, to find water.

“In doing this, they don’t have time to play and do other things that kids do,” Mitchell said. “With us registering [for the 6K], we’re actually going to run, we’re gonna walk, we’re gonna jog those same 3 miles that you have to do and paying homage and spreading love.”

In addition to his work with World Vision, acting and comedy, Mitchell also pastors Spirit Food Christian Center.

“In the Bible, it talks about faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love,” Mitchell said. “For me spreading love, however we can, and finding the joy within all the things that are going on, is so important to me.”

COVID-19 provided a unique opportunity for Mitchell to reach the world with his preaching.

“I had to do all of my church services online,” Mitchell said. “But the awesomeness out of that is that kids that are in the UK, and kids all over the world, South Africa, are coming in and watching. We just recently had a virtual baptism, which was just awesome.”

Mitchell’s goal is to continue to spread the Gospel so that people who tune into his preaching or even his acting know how much they matter to God.

“That’s what so important to me, that you have Him to lean on in any situation that you’re going through any of your highs and lows, you can always find the joy.”

For more information on how you can participate in World Vision’s Global 6k, visit Teamworldvision.org.

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