Masked Men Storm NO SAFE SPACES Screening

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Masked Men Storm NO SAFE SPACES Screening

By Movieguide® Staff

In a case of real life reflecting what’s on the movie screen, the Dennis Prager/Adam Carolla documentary NO SAFE SPACES was interrupted by masked men, apparently looking to disrupt the movie’s showing and shut it down. The movie’s message uncovers the movement to limit free speech in our communities and on our college campuses.

The masked men were dressed in black and carried duffel bags. They stood up and began to run through the theater. This prompted many to leave, for fear of a shooting or other violent event. However, the men were not armed and eventually sat down, feigning innocence at the ordeal.

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The police were called, but no charges were filed. Theater management said their bags had been searched upon entrance. By their actions, the intent was to disrupt the movie and perhaps create fear in the minds of subsequent moviegoers. These kinds of actions are at the heart of terrorism – to create an environment of fear.

NO SAFE SPACES is a call to uphold the First Amendment’s protection of free speech. Foundational to a democratic republic is the free exchange of ideas without fear of reprisals from the government or its citizens. We may not agree with what someone says publicly, but we must always allow that person to speak. If not, we empower a person or entity to have the ability to stifle thought, ideas, and opinions.

It’s tempting for any group that has power or is on the side of the majority to want to shut down the voice of the opposing view. Historically, even Christians have sometimes wanted to limit opposing views back when the Church’s views were more accepted in American culture. However, we must remember that we must confidently allow all views to be voiced because Truth (with a capital T) will win out over time.

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What the progressive voices fail to see is that by limiting speech, they may find that one day THEIR speech is being limited, should the tables of popular opinion turn.

We encourage you to watch NO SAFE SPACES when it comes to your neighborhood theater to be informed and to stand for our First Amendment.

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