Cinematic Celebrations of American Values for the Thanksgiving Holiday


Movies To Be Thankful For!

Cinematic Celebrations of American Values for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Here our some of our favorite movies that relate to Thanksgiving and the biblical values that made America great.

10. AVALON 1990 Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  -1

The story of several generations of a family, from the arrival of immigrant Sam Krichinsky in the suburb of Baltimore called Avalon, down through his children and grandchildren. The holiday of Thanksgiving plays a crucial role throughout the movie. AVALON is an extremely enlightening, poignant, entertaining movie celebrating American traditions that have, sadly, lost their meaning in the modern age. It has some light foul language, so caution is advised for older children.




9. LITTLE WOMEN 1933 and 1994 Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +3

The 1933 version with Katharine Hepburn and the 1994 version with Winona Ryder are two fine versions of Louisa May Alcott’s classic story of four sisters in Civil War era New England. Both movies contain positive Christian characters and actions, strong parental figures, and chaste courtships.







8. DRIVING MISS DAISY 1989 Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +2

DRIVING MISS DAISY is a warm movie about an embittered, elderly Jewish lady, who has known poverty and prejudice, but who finds reconciliation, hope and love through the Christian kindness, mercy and humility of her elderly black chauffeur.








7. THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL 1985 Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4  

Horton Foote’s powerful, unique witness to the Christian faith. By making the spiritual, hymn singing mother the brunt of the meanness of the selfish, humanist daughter-in-law, the audience is forced to root for and identify with the Christian.








6. SAINTS & STRANGERS 1946 Quality: * * * * Acceptability: -1

SAINTS & STRANGERS is an exciting, faith-filled, jeopardy-filled two-part TV miniseries
from National Geographic. It tells the story of the Mayflower and the settling of Plymouth by the
Pilgrims, the soldiers, the fortune hunters, and the sailors who arrived in Massachusetts in 1620
on Nov. 11. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for SAINTS & STRANGERS because of some
foul language and intense violence.






5. TENDER MERCIES 1983 Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +2

Starring Robert Duvall in an Oscar-winning performance as a down-on-his-luck Country music singer, this movie is written by Horton Foote, one of America’s best writers. It tells a gracious story of how faith and family helps a man recover from the past demons haunting him.










4. PLACES IN THE HEART 1984 Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +3

This movie, which stars Oscar® winner Sally Field, clearly shows that faith in Jesus Christ overcomes all obstacles − even death. It ends with a wonderful scene set in a church service where people come together to worship God and praise Him for His many blessings.







3. A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING Originally Aired 1973 and will re-air on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 on ABC-TV. Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4

A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING is a delightful PEANUTS cartoon movie made for television where Peppermint Patty invites herself and many others over to Charlie Brown’s house for Thanksgiving. A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING gives viewers, especially children, a profound lesson about the history and meaning behind Thanksgiving.











2. JOHN ADAMS 2008 Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  -1

John Adams was one of America’s most important founding fathers, and the second president of the United States, who led a glorious, mostly positive life of great influence. The acting, writing and direction are superb, and this miniseries is rich in political, philosophic and spiritual dialogue that recognizes Christian faith in every critical moment.







1. SQUANTO:  A WARRIOR’S TALE 1994 Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +3

SQUANTO tells the amazing story of a young Indian warrior in the New World, who is abducted and enslaved in England and Spain, then returned to New England to befriend the Pilgrims when they settle in Plymouth. This wonderful Disney movie is free of offensive content – save for appropriate action violence – and contains an exceptionally positive, beautiful portrayal of Christian belief, friendship, selfless love, and reverence for God.

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