Nick Loeb Hopes Truth in ROE V. WADE Will ‘Change Hearts and Minds’

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Nick Loeb Hopes Truth in ROE V. WADE Will ‘Change Hearts and Minds’

By Movieguide® Staff

Nick Leob directs and stars in the upcoming movie ROE V. WADE about the landmark case that gave women the option to abort their children. While abortion is one of the most polarizing topics today, Loeb hopes his objective look at the story will “change people’s hearts and minds.”

Loeb shared his thoughts on the upcoming movie in a recent interview on FOX AND FRIENDS. 

“We wanted to make a movie that told the story of how Roe came to be and how it was really decided,” Leob told host Steve Doocy. “When I first went to go make the movie, and I had heard about Roe v. Wade, the first thing I thought was ‘Why would I want to make a pro-choice [movie], because really what everybody knows about Roe is the woman’s right to choose, but nobody really knows about the whole story of how it got there and how it was really decided.” 

Loeb said that one example of an untalked part of the case is that the courts heard it twice. 

“The case was heard twice, once in 1971 with seven justices and once again in 1972 with nine justices, and two of the justice members had family members working for Planned Parenthood when they made the decision,” Loeb explained.  

He added: “The movie is really like a conspiracy movie, almost like Oliver Stone’s JFK, and this is why it’s all so entertaining and why we wanted to tell the story.” 

One of the prominent pro-life figures featured in the movie is Dr. Mildred Jefferson. Loeb noted that Jefferson’s pro-life stance resulted in no one talking about her achievements. 

“Any African Americans that break barriers are lauded and talked about constantly,” Loeb said. “Dr. Mildred Jefferson was the first African American to graduate Harvard Medical School, if she was pro-choice today, everyone would have heard of her. But because she is pro-life and was the second president to National Right to Life, no ones heard about her.”

Loeb continued: “She was a huge force in the movement, to start the pro-life movement.” 

Loeb said that the movie features high-profile activists on both sides—his goal was to tell the whole story. 

“The whole goal of the film was to really capture the other side, we didn’t come out and want to make a typical faith-based movie,” Loeb said. “We wanted everybody, who is pro-choice or in the middle, really just lay out the facts. The whole point of it was to tell the truth and hopefully that will change hearts and minds.” 

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of ROE V. WADE reads

ROE V. WADE is a historical drama that follows the events leading up to the groundbreaking 1973 Supreme Court case which would legalize abortion in the United States. Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Dr. Mildred Jefferson square off in a national battle between the pro-life and pro-abortion camps. The movie seeks to uncover the truth about the landmark court ruling and reveal the various motivations, lies, and connections surrounding the event.

ROE V. WADE offers an ultimately powerful perspective on the 1973 court case by viewing it from Dr. Nathanson’s viewpoint, including how he went from being pro-abortion to being a pro-life Christian activist. The movie is compelling, but some of the story and timeline becomes muddled in the detailed narrative. ROE V. WADE seeks to present historical facts and ask important questions about morality, the role of racism in the case, and Christian faith. It’s not a faith-based movie, but it stresses themes of protecting the unborn, honesty, redemption, and justice. Due to the realistic depiction of abortion in the 1970s, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for ROE V. WADE, especially for younger viewers.

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