Nicole Weider Says Faith in God ‘Opened Doors’ for Her Movie Career

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Nicole Weider Says Faith in God ‘Opened Doors’ for Her Movie Career

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Nicole Weider, the executive producer of the new faith-based movie SWITCHED, sat down with Fox News to talk about how her faith in God took her career to places she could never have foreseen.  

Weider, who also stars in the movie SWITCHED, opened up about her life as a model and how her career in the industry negatively affected her self-esteem. Weider said that when she found God, her entire perspective on herself and the entertainment world changed.  

“It’s interesting because when I was involved in commercials and modeling and doing things without God and doing things that did not have a faith message, I was constantly faced with scrutiny and felt like I never measured up,” Weider explained. “I was actually hurting my self-esteem, but when I gave my life to God it’s amazing how He opened up so many doors.”

“I really believe when we honor God with our gifts, He does make things happen and He can make all things possible. There are a lot of people in Hollywood [who] are believers, but I feel like a lot of people can’t say that or can’t have a voice because they will feel ostracized. So far, I haven’t experienced a lot of backlash,” she added.

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Now, Weider is passionate about the kind of media she consumes and promotes.

“Before I was a believer, I consumed all types of movies that didn’t have good messages, movies that were not inspiring and movies that just didn’t feed my soul because I didn’t have Jesus in my life,” Weider said. “I didn’t realize the gravity of what I was intaking because media media is very powerful, and it has the power to influence our actions, influence our thinking and change culture, and I wasn’t aware of this. I didn’t care about what I was watching, but when I became a believer, my whole mind transformed.”

The Holy Spirit convicted her to use her gifts to honor and glorify Him.

Weider, who began modeling at 17, said that the process of photoshoots made her uncomfortable as she noticed photographers manipulating the photographs to be skinnier and match the beauty standards of the industry.  

“There were all these people around me, and one of the photographer’s assistants [was] retouching the models’ photos on a big computer in real time. He was retouching her thighs and making them skinnier and he was removing her freckles,” Weider said. “I was like, if I’m not good enough and these [other] models aren’t good enough, [this] whole modeling industry is so false. I just knew I was meant for more than that, to be totally honest.”

After witnessing the adverse effects that modeling had on her self-esteem and the dangers it posed for young girls outside the industry, Weider turned to God. As a result, her focus changed.  

“I think that [faith-based] and family-friendly movies are needed more than ever because [there] are so many inappropriate TV shows out there and inappropriate content on streaming services. There’s just a lot of bad messages out there for young people,” Weider said. 

After Weider’s salvation, she founded Project Inspired, which is a lifestyle platform that seeks to edify teenage girls and encourage them to become the woman God created them to be.

SWITCHED, which released September 4, is a Kairos Prize® Award-winning script. The movie received three stars for quality and +4 for content. For the full review, check out Movieguide.org.  

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BEING A CHRISTIAN WOMAN in HOLLYWOOD 🖤 Now that I’m in my early thirties, I’m in a new and more “business” like season than I ever have been before. When I was younger, (as you all know who have been with me on my journey from the beginning!) I was focused solely on my platform Project Inspired and sharing faith content with young women. PI is still my heart, but producing and acting in films has been a dream I’ve wanted since I was a young girl. Is it easy to be a Christian in Hollywood? It is, but you have to have believers around you that lift you up and share the same values, and that you can share your faith with. Not everyone I interact with is a Christian, and that’s okay. But I am strong in my faith and it is the anchor to everything I do, and the choices I make. Right now we are in post production (meaning the movie is almost completed) on Switched, and now we’re figuring out who it’s going to be distributed by, and when and where it will be released. So if you could lift us up in your prayers that would mean a lot. 💫 . Some role models to me career wise are the Kendrick Brothers, the Erwin brothers and DeVon Franklin. I don’t know a lot of women producers in the faith based world so if you do let me know! I believe every great movie begins with a great script. As I go along on this acting/ producing journey I’ll share more details about this next season of my life, new projects and updates. 🎬 . LET ME KNOW- do you have a certain role model or someone that you get inspiration from? I would love to know!

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