Why BRINGING UP BATES Is Wholesome Entertainment Everyone in Your Family Can Enjoy

Photo courtesy of UPtv

Why BRINGING UP BATES Is Wholesome Entertainment Everyone in Your Family Can Enjoy

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

BRINGING UP BATES season nine continues to put a God-honoring family on display as their numbers multiply. The family members regularly pray, talk about church, and share how God is moving in their lives as the 19 children start courtships, get married and have babies.

“You see the good, the bad, the fun, the downtime, the highs and the lows, relationships, developing life changing different career opportunities for my siblings, so it’s kind of a mixture,” says Lawson Bates.

The reality show airs on UPtv, but earlier seasons are available on Amazon Prime.

BRINGING UP BATES follows the conservative Christian Bates family who reside in Tennessee. Gil and Kelly Jo Bates have 19 children, and the show has chronicled much of their lives as the children grow up and mature into young adults.

Season 9 opens at Bates daughter Carlin’s wedding to Evan Stewart. The couple goes on their honeymoon and adjusts to spending time together without chaperones. Meanwhile, Josie (Bates) Balka goes into labor with her first child. She and her husband Kelton must make some major medical decisions as Josie’s labor stalls.

Josie’s pregnancy, and the birth of her daughter Willow, is just the first of many baby announcements this season. By the season finale, the Bates clan welcomes more babies and celebrates two more pregnancy announcements.

Meanwhile, Bates patriarch Gil has shoulder surgery, and relies on his boys to help him with his tree-trimming business. Gil’s wife, Kelly Jo, is a constant presence in the life of her family, and continually offers wisdom, support and encouragement to her spouse, children and grandchildren. The Bates girls have launched the Bates Sisters Boutique, and all work together to run their clothing business. As the grown Bates children move into new homes to start their families, siblings eagerly volunteer to help with home renovation projects.

BRINGING UP BATES is refreshingly family-oriented, especially in season 9. The Bates family sees and declares children as a blessing from God, and the parents (now grandparents) eagerly pray over the expanding family. Furthermore, it’s heartening to see children honoring their parents by assisting when parents need help. It’s clear that the Bates children are very intent on raising their own children with godly values.

There are absolutely no questionable elements in BRINGING UP BATES. Because of the family’s Christian values, they do not use foul or obscene language of any kind. There is no nudity or violence, either. Some couples hold hands, and married couples briefly kiss. The family praises Jesus in both words and actions. Multiple people pray on screen.

BRINGING UP BATES is absolutely a show you can watch with your whole family.

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