Teddy Bear® Award Winners Top Highest-Grossing Animated Movies List

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Teddy Bear Award® Winners Top Highest-Grossing Animated Movies List

By Movieguide® Contributor

As animated movies like INSIDE OUT 2 and DESPICABLE ME 4 dominate the summer box office, let’s take a look back at some of the highest-grossing animated movies of all time. 

2019’s THE LION KING comes in at No. 1 on Deadline’s list, taking in $1,663,079,059. The movie was also named one of Movieguide®’s Ten Best 2019 Movies for Families. 

FROZEN II came in second, with $1,453,683,476, followed by last year’s THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE, which took home $1,361,992,475 and was nominated for a Teddy Award®. 

2013’s FROZEN took the fourth-place spot, with $1,285,048,126. FROZEN was named the Best Movie for Families at 2014’s Movieguide® Awards. 

Next on the list is the Teddy®-nominated THE INCREDIBLES 2, which earned $1,243,225,667, followed by MINIONS, with $1,159,457,503. 

This summer’s INSIDE OUT 2 has already nabbed the No. 7 spot on the list, with $1,216,923,699. Movieguide® previously reported on its success:

INSIDE OUT 2 dominated the box office over the weekend, earning a record-breaking start and once again proving that family-friendly movies will always be a hit with audiences. 

“INSIDE OUT 2’s success is definitive proof that Movieguide®’s advocacy work impacts Disney,” says Robby Baehr, Movieguide® CEO. “This is the first movie Pixar has released in years that doesn’t flaunt an immoral agenda. Instead, because of our Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry, Disney and Pixar chose to cater to families and focus on positive, uplifting messages, and it’s already paying out dividends.

It grossed $295 million worldwide during its debut weekend, taking $155 million domestically and $140 million internationally.

TOY STORY 4, TOY STORY 3 and DESPICABLE ME 3 round out the top 10, with $1,073,841,394, $1,067,316,101 and $1,034,800,131, respectively. TOY STORY 4 and DESPICABLE ME 3 were both nominated for Teddies®, while TOY STORY 3 won the Teddy® for Best Movie for Families. 

FINDING DORY and ZOOTOPIA also crossed the $1 billion mark at the box office, with $1,029,266,989 and $1,025,521,689, respectively. Both were nominated for Teddy Awards®.

Many of the movies on this list are sequels — something Disney and Pixar have taken note of recently. 

“We’re going to balance sequels with originals, particularly in animation,” Disney CEO Bob Iger explained. “We had gone through a period where our original films in animation, both Disney and Pixar, were dominating. We’re now swinging back a bit to lean on sequels.”

He continued, “I just think that right now, given the competition in the overall movie marketplace that actually there’s a lot of value in the sequels obviously because they’re known and it takes less in terms of marketing.”

This summer’s DESPICABLE ME 4 might be joining this list soon. According to Variety, the movie made “$122.6 million over its first five days of release,” and “$106.9 million from 73 markets, bringing its global earnings to $229.5 million.”

The success of movies like these is proof that family-friendly content will always win out at the box office. 

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