Ted’s Inbox April 2, 2012


Here’s a sample of leters to the editor that we’ve received.


Dear Ted:


On behalf of High Adventure Ministries, inc. – Voice of Hope, I want to personally thank you for helping so many with your love and support of Israel for over 20 years

Perhaps you will recall our Washington, D.C. and Louisville, KY meetings with former Knesset and Israel Minister of Tourism, Benny Elon.  We desperately needed to run a Jon Voight video clip where he expresses his deep devotion to Israel.  We were on a 24 hour deadline and in a crises situation to contact him and approval.  Knowing you are a great friend of Israel and someone highly connected in the industry, we turned to you for help.  We located you in Hollywood at a critical last minute awards meeting but within several hours you had the necessary release from Mr. Voight.  This particular endorsement was a major highlight of evening.

We had a similar situation happen again when we later worked with our Louisville, Ky Jewish Federation.  Once again you were there. Having a friend of Israel and Hollywood is pivotal for our ongoing efforts.

You have always been a key part to support Israel functions and help as we strengthen our ties with the Jewish community and citizens of Israel.

Having such a good pro-Israel friend in the Hollywood community has been a wonderful blessing.  Your knowledge and connections in the Israel and Christian community are invaluable.

Thank you for always taking my calls and being there as a powerful voice to bless Israel.


 Jacqueline G. Yockey

President and C.E.O.

High Adventure Ministries



Subject: Re: Great article on predestination and free will by Dr. Krabbendam

Thanks, Ted. You have been a great friend and a great blessing to so many. Your reach is amazing.


George Miller



Re: Landon & Matt –

Dr. Baehr:

Thank you very much sir. It was both humbling and inspiring to be able to sit on that panel. And you, your family, MovieGuide, and the Kairos Prize have been such an incredibly blessing on us.

Thank you. For everything.





RE: David –

It was an honor to be asked and an honor to serve.

Please do not hesitate to ask me in the future.

Our mission is a great and just one.

God Bless,




From: Johnny Remo

Subject: Re: Johnny – much better

Dear Dr. Baehr,

We have a movie, thanks  to you and your structural and creative input. Your criticism was right on. I feel honored and Blessed to have someone of your caliber, experience, and talent on what makes a movie work, to take the time and share that with me. Your guidence made all the difference in making Hardflip work. People that have seen both versions agree that’s is so much better. Thanks again for your help and support, greatly appreciated.


All the Glory to GOD!



Subject: Dartmouth Acceptance

Dear Dr. Baehr,

I hope this note finds you in the best of spirits. I am so happy to

report that I just received my acceptance letter from Dartmouth

(Master of Liberal Studies)! Thank you so so so much for writing me a

letter of recommendation. I know that it carried weight with the

committee as the program director mentioned your graduating class

during my skype interview with him. I cannot thank you enough, nor

express my depth of gratitude to you for your mentorship in my life.


Although the Cannes festival did not work out for me in the end, I

have to say it was honor even to be considered as a representative. On

the other hand, if you have any more pre-production scripts to review,

please do send them my way. I would love to continue offering (and

improving) my services in that regard.


Sending you and the whole Baehr clan my warmest wishes (and believe

me, it is warm in La Rochelle!),





Good Morning, Beloved Servants of Our Lord.

As you probably know already, two very different films are opening this weekend: “October Baby” which supports our values and world view and “The Hunger Games” which does not.


But, don’t take my word for it; instead, read these extremely well researched reviews.

1.  https://www.movieguide.org/reviews/movie/october-baby.html



2.  https://www.movieguide.org/reviews/movie/the-hunger-games.html


The important thing to remember is that this is the weekend in a film’s life that can make it or break it.

A film’s income from the box office opening weekend is the key.

So we, as Christians can, in fact, have an impact/make your voice heard in the boardrooms of Hollywood film producers by either attending a film on opening weekend or not; the bottom financial line on Monday morning will be the clear indicator.

You and your constituency can make a difference in the “lives” of films with how you spend your money at the theater.

Perhaps you will want to consider sending these two reviews to others, especially church staff like youth pastors/leaders.

Your call.

Have a blessed and refreshing weekend.

Yours cordially in Christ,


Hebrews 6:10





Hi Dr. Baehr!

I am sorry I missed your call, but it was so nice to hear from you! It’s an honor to be able to support your organization and be a part of what God is doing through you in Hollywood.


Your prayers mean the world! On the heels of the highest of highs of the awards show, two of my friends passed away suddenly within a week of each other.  One of which was planning to have a viewing party for me of the awards. I feel like Elijah. Trying to hold to the truth that God is on the throne and still in control. I was prayed for/prophesied over at the event and I needed to remind myself of the plans and promises God has for me instead of shrinking back in fear. I am thankful for you and your staff for being so supportive & encouraging. And I would love to get together with you and Lili! It would be an incredible blessing to me.

In Him,

Amy Williams



Dear Ted,

I received your letter yesterday thanking me for participating in your CNP Forum. I had intended to get a note off to you by now thanking you for having me.. Surely I do want you to be assured of my appreciation..

It is wonderful to see all the victories you’ve had over the years in the movie industry.. and I pray Gods continual blessings on your work- can’t resist saying may you always have the real winning edge overall your “challenges”- His wisdom, His grace..


Dr. Diane Preston-Reilly

President/Executive Producer

Challenger Films, Inc.

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