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Ted, the Lord shined through you yesterday at theCry.. it was sooo annointed seeing God move and inspire through you. thank u for being such a fantastic example of jesus christ and how He loves and serves.. u are a wonderful role mode / mentor in my life and i thank u

Jenn Gotzon



Watching TheCRy Hollywood LIVE/webcast, loving how your heart is to fervently serve God’s Kingdom purposes & lay your crown (gift) at the foot of His Cross….California thanks GOD for you, Lili Baehr & all you set your hands to.




Thank you so much Ted!!! We love you and loved having you!!

The strength you bring is so amazing. I love it when you open your mouth – what you shared was incredible.  Thanks again.




Dr. Baehr,

We can not thank you enough for all of your love and support. =)  What you have done and continue to do for Hollywood can not be put into words.  Hollywood is so blessed to have you and your family helping and shaping culture.  We treasure all of you so much and are truly grateful to you and your family.  We hope to see you sooner than later. =)


Rob and (Faytene)




Ted and Larry,

My oldest son who is Bible college student showed me some movie trailers yesterday. One was for the new film ’21 Jump Street’ and another was for the upcoming ‘Dark Shadows’ movie.

In ‘Jump Street’, even the trailer made frequent references to genitalia and a particular sex act. Dark Shadows was just ‘awful.’  This got me to thinking: What is the best way to keep our hearts pure and reach the culture? The challenge is also there for Christian parents and their Christian kids. My Bible college student son didn’t see too much wrong with either of those films. As a middle-aged man, I objected to both of them.  How can the church seem ‘up to date’ and ‘relevant’ in a world of rampant relativism where even Christians have their heads in too many wrong places?

Fr. Michael Carl

Priest, Journalist


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