THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH Is Full of Magic and Monsters

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THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH Is Full of Magic and Monsters

By Jenny Frye, Contributing Writer

THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH is a Netflix animated series based on the book series of the same name. The series follows four children who are the last known humans on earth after surviving the apocalypse. There are two parts on Netflix, the first part is about 67 minutes long, and the second part contains 10 episodes.

The series follows the main character named Jack and his three friends as they try to survive an apocalypse together. On a normal school day, portals from the sky open dropping out monsters and a disease that turns humans into zombies. Jack runs away and takes shelter in a treehouse, but later reconnects with his best friend, Quint, the school bully, Dirk, and his middle school crush named June. The four become a team and battle monsters that try to attack them. Things get interesting when monster creatures that can speak English enter with their own plans to take over.

THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH is very entertaining and action packed. There is never a dull moment in the series and the events keep you on the edge of your seat. Some of the overarching themes in the episodes are friendship, teamwork, unity, and community. The team of four works together multiple times to fight off monsters that threaten their safety. Also, they never leave each other behind because “family doesn’t leave family.” Lastly, Quint forgives Dirk for bullying him pre-apocalypse, and Dirk makes amends with Quint for judging him too harshly.

One of the most prominent themes is that good will conquer evil in the end. For example, the entire town of monsters and humans work together to take down a “bad guy” who is threatening to bring an evil leader to earth. They succeed and in the end the monsters and humans live together in harmony.


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However, despite these positive attributes, some of the elements in THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH are questionable. For example, there is a lot of violence due to the excessive number of fight scenes between humans and monsters. Also, some of the monsters and zombies could be frightening to younger viewers. Additionally, there are an abundance of magical elements such as magic portals, magic books, and monsters with magical powers. There is a book called the bestiary that is the “magical portal” that will bring an evil spirit leader into world. Thankfully, the leader is stopped before it can enter Earth. There are both good and bad characters using magic, but it is implied that the evil leader named Rezzoch has “loyal servants” that call her master. These elements can be scary for younger viewers.

Overall, the series is entertaining and thrilling. Some of the magical elements and violence are questionable and could be scary. The positive message is prevalent, but the appropriateness is dampened by the excessive use of magic and fight scenes. This show would be most appropriate for older children or teenagers, but not for younger children.

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