Ben Napier Debates The Future of Scotsman Co. Icon, ‘Clint’

Photo from Ben Napier’s Instagram

Ben Napier Debates The Future of Scotsman Co. Icon, ‘Clint’

By Movieguide® Staff

HGTV stars Ben and Erin Napier, who are best known for their show HOME TOWN, also own several companies like Scotsman General Store & Woodshop.

In a recent Instagram post, Ben shared that “Clint,” a 1962 Chevrolet C-10 Pick-up, could be on its last leg.

“Well, Clint, my noble steed, my trusty stallion, my workhorse, my blue ox is in the ditch,” he wrote. “The transmission is shot. I’m at a crossroads.”

Napier said that the truck has sentimental value because the truck helped start Scotsman Co. and later became a mascot of the couple’s show.

“Do I replace the transmission and keep patching him up? Or do I put a new chassis, motor, transmission, and rearend under him?” he asked fans. “I used this truck to start Scotsman Company years ago, and it has become the mascot of our show and our business. I am leaning towards the full swap and making the truck more dependable.”

Many favored keeping Clint’s exterior intact and replacing what’s under the hood.

Auto racing analyst and TV host Rutledge Wood offered Napier help with the renovations of his old truck.

“Long term, this thing deserves some new stuff underneath it,” he wrote. “Think of it like how y’all approach houses: Keep what’s great, and rebuild what needs love. You could do a new chassis that will make it drive a ton better, Mild LS swap with climate control, modern trans, better brakes, wheels, tires, whatever you want… I’d probably do all of that and keep Clint’s exterior charm just like it is. Let me know if you need any help on direction! Happy to help.”

The Laurel, Mississippi, residents use Scotsman Company to advertise Ben’s woodwork and Erin’s art.

“Grab a vintage glass bottle soda, your favorite snack and stick around for awhile to watch our Scotsman Co. woodworking team hard at work,” the website reads. “Inspired by general stores of yesteryear, The Scotsman General Store is sure to remind you of a place from your own hometown. With hundreds of glass bottle sodas to choose from, unique candies and stack, you’ll definitely want to sit and stay a spell. If you stick around long enough, you might get to see Ben and his team filming the next season of HGTV’s Home Town.”

The renovation duo wed in 2008 and share two daughters, Helen and Mae.

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