“How to Succeed in Hollywood” Goes East

Dr. Ted Baehr’s popular How to Succeed in Hollywood (without losing your soul) filmmaking seminar will be offered in New York City August 15-18. Offered several times a year on the West Coast this is a golden opportunity for those on the East Coast to learn the art, the business and the culture of filmmaking.

Founder of the Christian Film & Television Commission and Publisher of Movieguide: The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment, Dr. Baehr brings to the class 30 years of research into what makes movies successful. Each year at the Movieguide Awards he presents his Report to the Entertainment Industry loaded with valuable information about what succeeds and why. This four-day seminar, limited to eight class members, goes much deeper.

Dr. Sarah Jane Murray, (PhD Princeton) a professor of literature at Baylor University, works with class members on the details of what makes scripts successful. She explains the power of plot structure as it pertains to drama, comedy and adventure. She explains how to build characters and scenes and how to use subtext and build suspense. Using clips from movies, she explains what works and why it works.

Anyone interested in making movies gets two vital perspectives on successful filmmaking in one seminar. Great movies must be great stories well told, but they will not get made and distributed without a thorough understanding of the movie business. Dr. Baehr explains the art of negotiating with distributors, and the importance of establishing rights. Furthermore, he explains why some major Hollywood movies succeed and others flop.

If you want to make movies, this one seminar will help keep you from making costly mistakes that have thrown many filmmakers on the rocks. 

Here are some comments from class members:

“I believed I could write a good script just by having a compelling story and characters, but this class showed me with instruction, examples and screenings how to build a script the professional way with a premise, acts and structure. The lesson on subtext alone is worth the price of the class. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned to turn my work into something much more entertaining and marketable.”

“The existence of a scriptwriting class from a Christian perspective is absolutely amazing. Furthermore, your experience, knowledge and passion is beyond what secular screenwriting classes would have to offer. And your ability to keep your family in the ministry and their talent level makes the whole dynamic unique.”

“Your overview, meeting talented instructors, and the review of what it takes to come up with a great screenplay helped put in perspective how much work is needed – the 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. . .”

“I learnt more yesterday in your class than I’ve learnt in the past 20 years!! It was fabulous!! I can’t wait to see what happens today!!”