PTC Launches Petition Against AT&T’s Pornographic Content

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PTC Launches Petition Against AT&T’s Pornographic Content

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

The Parent’s Television Council (PTC) launched a petition against AT&T to stop children from stumbling across pornographic content. 

“AT&T is a $19 billion Texas-based company that owns HBO and DirecTV,” said PTC president Tim Winter in an email to PTC supporters. “Both networks are damaging tens of millions of families with horrible porn streaming into our homes with programs targeting our children,” Winter continued with emphasis.

Like PTC, Movieguide® has warned parents of the negative effects porn has on media consumers, specifically youngsters. Additionally, porn is seeping into the lives of young adults too. In recent days even, Steven Spielberg’s daughter said she’s getting into the porn industry.

Winter shared about his interactions with HBO, who, in turn, dismissed his concerns:

Last month, when I wrote to ask you to renew your support for 2020, I promised that two of PTC’s major goals for 2020 would include canceling AT&T porn shows like Euphoria and cleaning up streaming and satellite TV.

AT&T owns HBO, the creator of Euphoria. In response to our letters and petitions, AT&T’s HBO replied that Euphoria’s 30 scenes of penises, child rape, and sexual choking were “creative freedom.” They called this explicit sexual violence “the art of TV” that will “entertain and engage audiences, and at times encourage a public dialogue.”

Sadly, HBO’s lewd programming isn’t a new trend. Movieguide® previously covered that descriptions of EUPHORIA show it’s vile beyond belief.

You have more power in the media than you think- especially with Jesus in your heart.

To end on an encouraging note, read the following words from a past Movieguide® article that stress the value of dwelling on praiseworthy things:

As HBO continues to disguise their debauchery under the cover of taking down these other series, know that these shows aren’t worth your praise or sixty minutes of your time. These pornographic shows aren’t worth your marriage, your internet fascinations or your children’s innocence. Any pollution of what God created to be good is plain sin. Some people in Hollywood are crafty and know how to make sinful things look appealing, but don’t fall for it. Keep your eyes focused forward on things that are true, beautiful and praiseworthy (Phil 3:14).

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