Special MOVIEGUIDE® Alert: TRANSFORMERS Sequel Is Not for Children or Young Teens

The new TRANSFORMERS sequel, REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, which comes out today, is full of sexual references and foul language that are inappropriate for children or young teenagers, Dr. Ted Baehr, the founder and publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®, has announced.

“We are appalled at all the crude humor and sexual innuendoes in this movie, which is supposed to be based on Hasbro’s popular toy franchise for children,” Dr. Baehr said. “It is shocking that a movie with such lewd adult content is being promoted with large displays in America’s toy stores. Young children are being encouraged to buy these toys and to see this movie.”

He advised parents and families not to allow their children or teenagers, especially younger teenagers, to see this movie.

“This content is not even appropriate for media-wise adults, much less younger people,” Dr. Baehr added. “I don’t know what Hasbro is thinking, allowing Hollywood to degrade their toy line with such gratuitous lewd vulgarity. The TRANSFORMERS movies should be fun movies for the whole family, not for deviants with juvenile minds wallowing in the gutter.”

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