TikTok Bans Students for Life of America For Pro-Life Stance

Screenshot from Students for Life Youtube

TikTok Bans Students for Life of America For Pro-Life Stance

By Movieguide® Staff

TikTok recently banned the account of Students for Life of America (SFLA) for “multiple Community Guidelines violations.”

According to LiveAction, TikTok did not allow the pro-life group to appeal or give a specific reason for the platform ban.

However, SFLA believes that the ban was due to a recent debate between President Kristan Hawkins and a pro-choice student at the University of Texas San Antonio.

The video, which earned 2.2 million views on YouTube, shows a debate about when a fetus becomes a living being.

“If you’re pro-life on Tik Tok’s social media platform, you have a target on your back,” Hawkins said after the ban. “There is no other explanation for why SFLA’s account was recently banned after posting life-affirming content while abortion supporters continue to run rampant on the app. Tik Tok seems to be practicing corporate viewpoint discrimination.”

“It is clear the left is using big corporations to suppress the voice of the pro-life movement, but we refuse to be silenced,” the group wrote on their blog. “And if pro-abortion radicals are so convinced that they’re right, why hide from pro-life free speech or block it? What are they afraid of … the truth?”

This is not the only example of censorship of pro-life advocates on major social media platforms and streaming services.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Amazon recently removed a pro-life movie from its streaming service, Amazon Prime, indicating poor user reviews as the reason for the movie’s removal.

However, according to filmmaker Marcus Pittman, 90% of reviews are five stars.

“It has over 340 reviews on Amazon, most of them – 90% – are five-star reviews,” Pittman told Faithwire. “I was trying to figure out what about the reviews would make them determine it was not suitable for Amazon Prime.

“I realized, if you go and read the reviews of the movie, their AI categorizes the reviews based off of keywords pulled out from the customer reviews,” Pittman continued. “Some of those key words were words like pro-life, end abortion, pro-life movement. That, to me, is the only reason why they would remove the movie.”